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Your Paws Up.

Victoria Park Paw Spa would like to welcome you and your pets. VPPS offers a full range of professional pet services. We provide state of the art service and quality care and work hard to establish a personal relationship with each client and pet.

Victoria Park Paw Spa offers state of the art professional grooming services. We take pride in gentle, professional grooming that looks exactly how you want your pet to look. All pets are groomed in an open room with glass walls so you can watch your pet being groomed. More advanced grooming services such as carding and de-shedding are available upon request.

Victoria Park Paw Spa also offers cageless doggy day care. Your pets can run around, play and socialize at our indoor dog park while you are away. Our trained staff will ensure your pet’s health and care are a top priority.

Shop at the Victoria Park Paw Spa Boutique for all your pet’s homecare and healthcare needs. We take pride in offering the best quality, holistic and natural products for your pets.

Doggy Daycare

We offer a safe & social environment
6 days a week.
Monday-Friday: 7:00am-7:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am-5:00pm


Professional Grooming & Bathing Services for all purebreds & mixed breeds. From pedicures to de-shed treatments.


Take a look at the exclusive must haves recommended by your pet’s groomer & vet.

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